Questions and Answers: Playskool Travel-Lite Crib Case Study

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Playskool Travel-Lite Crib (A) Questions What could Sanfred Koltun have done differently to ensure that his product was safer for consumers? What obligations does a CEO have when staff reports from its own area of expertise? In the initial meeting Koltun was so excited to begin the creation of the new product, in order to beat out the competition that he failed to look at all the complications. From the beginning Johnson who created the prototype wanted the crib to be around 10 to 11 pounds and it ended up being 19 pounds, there was an issue there that he noticed, but they continued anyway. Another issue raised was the locking mechanism, which some people had difficulty locking into place. It was brought to Johnson's attention but he continued to work on the project, without fully taking complaints into consideration. As the company owner Koltun, could have conducted frequent meetings and listened to all complaints and issues, before moving forward with manufacturing the product. Instead he was to excited and eager to get the product on store shelves that he failed to fully consider the right protocols. Does a company have any obligations to exceed, for example with respect to product testing, the standards mandated by law? What special considerations come into play for a product designed for use in the juvenile market? Yes, a company has an obligation to perform quality testing on all products to ensure its consumers are buying a safe product for their children.

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