Questions and Answers of Chief Bromden

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Questions & Answers of Chief Bromden Chief was was your early years like? I was big and strong, I used to play football in high school and I was considered a football star. Did you experience any traumatizing in your childhood? My father giving up the reservation to the government and my father falling into alcoholism and getting weak, while my mom began to gain power over him. What did you do after you graduated high school? I joined the Army during World War II, thats when I learned about electronics. When did do you think you started to get symptoms of your schizophrenia? I began to receive symptoms of schizophrenia when I learned about electronics in World War II. What did you see while you had your problem of schizophrenia? I could only see a blurry image or the“fog” which I couldn’t escape on my own. Did you have any delusions at all? I believed the hospital and government was ran in a machinery style which was all meant to keep us low. Was there any hallucination you had? The fog was one of them and another was when Mrs. Ratcheted would transform into a machine with mechanical arms coming out from her. How did you last in the asylum that long chief? I pretended I was deaf and dumb so no one would bother me and I could hear all of the hospitals dark dirty secrets. How would they keep all the patients under control? They would give us all these drugs to keep us all calm and believe they were trying to help us. Did you ever get pushed around while you were in the

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