Questions and Answers on A&A Wines

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Question #1 A&A wines has many problems to deal with in staying competitive on a global level. The introduction of E-commerce has brought with it, both opportunities and threats to the existing business model A & A has proven successful up to this point. Both internal and external analysis seems to be required in this particular case study. The steady flux of change occurring both within the company and also outside the company demands a systematic examination of its present business strategy. Information seems to be the most valuable asset in any business situation. It is essential to A& A 's success that new data is gathered in order to prioritize its actions. This data should include everything possible dealing with the wine market. Specifically A & A needs to continue to find the statistical relationship between its end user customer demand and supply figures. Forecasting for this new business model has become difficult and this data would help objectify the problem. The size of A& A Wines necessitates numerous amounts of stakeholders. It is important that each stakeholder is satisfied according to a priority list of tasks. The leadership group at A & A stands to benefit or lose the most from this endeavor so their appeasement seems very necessary. Customer satisfaction seems to be the next priority of stakeholders in this scenario. The CFO and VP of marketing are important, but their personal feelings must be set aside to accurately describe the problem they are
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