Questions and Answers on A Career as an Engineer

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I am an ambitious and well driven woman who believes in herself. After finishing my high school l went to Vaal university of Technology for my diploma, University of Pretoria for my degree in engineering, and then Sorbonne University for my masters in engineering.
What first draw you to study engineering?
It has always been a passion in my life to work with electricity and electronic devices. When l was young l used to fix and repair adapters, radios and TVs. Being accepted to the engineering faculty was just a continuation of the dream that l begun when l was young.

Which year of study was the most challenging, and why?
Probably, my first year was horrible because l was less prepared for university studies. I missed most classes; fell behind in class, and l was very uncertain about whether l was following the right career path.
What do you enjoy least or most about engineering?
I hate those long hours figuring out a solution to a problem that seems impossible to decode.

Why should one become an engineer?
Engineering is a challenging, high-paying career. If you have up to date engineering skills, jobs are abundant. Engineering jobs often come with flexible hours, location flexibility, and the hard skills you learn translate easily to new positions
What are some reasons one should not become an engineer?
In my opinion, you should never take a job simply…

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