Questions and Answers on Child Education

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a) Describe the manifestations salient developmental milestones (age-appropriateness, etc.) from your specific observations use 3 of the following Erikson, Piaget, vogotsky, and Bowlby I observed sisters Amy age 5 and Zoe age 3over the span of a few weeks for approximately 6-7 hours each day. The majority of the observation was done over 3 consecutive Sundays. Their parents, David and Gina are in the process of getting a divorce. Gina moved out about a week before I started my first major observation. David is the primary parent and has primary custody of the two girls. Erikson's second stage of development occurs between one and three years. It is referred to as autonomy vs. shame and doubt, where after gaining trust in their caregivers, infants begin to discover that their behavior is their own. Here children learn a sense of independence from being able to accomplish tasks such as climbing, opening, closing, pulling the wrapping off a package or choosing what to eat. The child is able to give kisses or hugs; respond to corrections; show sympathy to other children; and "help" with simple household tasks. Encouragement increases feelings of autonomy which are believed by Erikson to give children the courage to choose and guide their own future. However, as not all caregivers are patient with toddlers, the children are often reprimanded or punished for not being able to complete a task quickly or efficiently. Children see this as failure and it results in feelings of
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