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1.1 Describe the benefits of induction By having an organised and well structured induction process there are many benefits to both the company and the new employee. From the company’s perspective it is vital that the employee integrates into the company successfully as the main aim of the company is to retain the new employee. By having a clear and concise induction process, this creates a professional first impression of the company and gives the employee a positive mindset and outlook. If a new employee is not retained this will cost the company both time and money. Another positive effect for the company is the business productivity rate of the employee. This can increase dramatically if the employee goes through a well structured…show more content…
1.2 Outline the organisations procedure for induction Romec has a structured induction process in place. It starts when the employee is first employed and has a duration of 12 weeks. This consists of regular reviews and a final induction evaluation. Pre – start date: • Before the employee is given a start date, the manager must liaise with HR. HR then run background checks and start date is specified • The new employee is sent out a welcome pack, contract, staff handbook, induction tick list (Hr (G) 01.1/02) and AXA information 1.3 Outline the ways that new members in the organisation could be supported Other employees within the business can offer a great form of support for a new starter. As they currently already work for the organisation they have the experience and knowledge of how the company operates, the procedures and policies that must be followed, and they also know the job role in depth. By having the support of colleagues, it can help the new employee acclimatise and integrate in to the company quickly and effectively. An effective method to provide this form of support is to offer the new employee a “Buddy” to work with for the first few weeks of employment. This offers a mentor role for an existing member of staff and can help the new employee build good working relationships. They can gain experience carrying out the job role with the overlook and experience of an existing member of staff.

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