Questions and Answers on Diversity

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Q1. How would you describe yourself in terms of diversity? For example, what characteristics make you different from others? The most obvious distinctions between myself and other population groups are those of gender, race, ethnicity, and religion. With some (few) exceptions, the entire world is divided between males and females. The first question we ask when someone is born is: "did you have a boy or a girl?" Secondly, race is a very obvious differentiating characteristic in American society. Even if race as a category is much more complex than blackness or whiteness, these attributes do impact how people are treated in the United States and elsewhere. Someone's nation of origin can make them the subject of prejudice, and also affect how they value aspects of their daily life like family, relationships, and work. Sexual orientation can also cause someone to feel 'different' than the dominant majority group, or to identify with the majority group. Q2. Define hidden dimensions of diversity. Which dimensions do you try to keep hidden from most people? Why? Obvious physical identity markers are not the only attributes of diversity. In America, an officially classless society, one's social class can create profound divisions. You might be working next to someone who has had to struggle all of his or her life, and is worried about student loan payments and a mortgage, or someone who has had virtually everything handed to him or her on a 'silver platter.' Of course,
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