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Ethics in Action Segment Responses Liberty University SEGMENT ONE: MANAGING BOUNDARIES 1.If this was your client, what would you say and do? Be specific. Why would you respond this way? If this were my client, I would further explore the reasons she desires the out of office interaction, and the possible risks and benefits of this interaction. For instance, I could say, “You say that meeting in the office makes you feel uncomfortable, can you elaborate more on that?” By asking such a question, we may be able to discern the underlying reasons for wanting to meet outside the office. It is possible that the nature of the client helper relationship makes her uncomfortable and she is looking for more…show more content…
If we do not explore our feelings and weaknesses, we risk falling and causing harm to our selves and our clients as well. Accountability to ourselves and our supervisors are essential in helping us to maintain integrity in our relationships. We must also be aware of the consequences of our actions, if we act on our impulses. We must know the codes of ethics we must adhere to as counselors. Our codes of ethics urge us to protect the client above all else, even if it means protecting them from ourselves. If we are aware of and adhere to the codes of ethics as well as the moral compass found in our Bibles, we will be effective counselors. 3. If you were a counselor in this position what actions would you take to protect your client? What if the sexual feelings between the two of you were escalating? First and foremost, I would never inform my client of my feelings. There are two reactions that could occur and neither is beneficial to the helping relationship. The client may feel uncomfortable and therefore would not want to continue therapy, or they may reciprocate the attraction, and that would severely hinder any therapeutic interaction. In order to protect my client, I would disclose my feelings in supervision or with a trusted colleague, or in my own personal therapy if necessary. If I knew I was attracted to my client, I would avoid doing anything that would cause my feelings to escalate. This would include setting

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