Questions and Answers on Family Therapy Techniques

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One paragraph describing structural therapy? Structural theory, developed by Salvador Minuchin, believes that problems that the individuals evidence stem from the fact that problems occur within the family unit itself and that the family is divided into several component parts. To address these problems the therapist, as it were, therefore steps into he family unit, becomes "a part of it" and intervenes. His doing so not only enables him to see the family patterns form the inside; thereby understanding faults of fission but also enable him to practice therapy. 2) One paragraph describing enactment intervention/technique. Enactment refers to the therapist encouraging acting of dysfunctional relationship patterns within the family therapy session and himself acting out some of this behavior by actually entering the family unit. the therapist thereby learns about the family's structure and interactional patterns and is able to interfere in the process by modifying some of the negative elements , pointing these out, intensifying positive elements, and modifying others. The therapist may also have the family enact more positive transactional patterns which will serve as a guideline for continued positive family interactions outside therapy. The therapist employs 6 different areas of observation which he uses in doing his therapy. These are: transactional patterns, flexibility, resonance, context, family development stage, and maintaining family interactions (Minuchin &
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