Questions and Answers on Learning

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1.write a critical reflection on the extent to which learning can contribute to the personal development, economic growth and community regeneration of your learners As regards 'learning', I will use this in the sense of continuous self-improvement where I am engaged in continuous learning to improve my performance and my teaching practice. It is this that makes me a transformative teacher or leader who can, in turn, 'transform' the behavior, mindset, and ideas of others. Both also involve behavioral, humanistic, and cognitive themes. Behavioral in that learning (and teaching) is founded on practice and on modeling others; humanistic in that one needs a sense of self-efficacy, optimism, and ability in communicating with others (including empathy and active listening skills); and cognitive in that both areas are premised on motivation (i.e. on self-referential thoughts and attitude). Both teaching and the practice of self-learning follow similar patterns. The one is dedicated to the other, whilst the other is working on oneself or receiving from another, but both involve openness to experience and the desire to learn from, and engage, with others. With learning done in this way, I as a person become a more effective teacher and refine my skills which, in turn, help me better teach and guide others. This, in turn, has an enhanced impact on the skills of others. More so, my information has a better chance of being accurate, I am able to generate new, and ostensibly, more
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