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He thinks that we are born intrinsically fresh and good and that at moments of solitude aspects of this refreshing potential of the past reappears, but that it is too weak and vulnerable to withstand the pressures?
What are the pressures?
It is those of the greed and pressure of the environment in which we live to conform.
Mang Tzu wrote this eons ago in a different culture. Circumstances have not changed. Still toady, as always, we are influenced by the indoctrination of the culture we live in. We chose to bond together and live within human groups and, naturally, we wish to conform. Conforming, however, comes at a price. Mankind too is naturally ambitious and has certain desires that include love of fame, possessions, ambition, and sensitivity when one's personhood is humiliated. This results in hatred and desire for revenge. Each of these adverse inclinations, and others, are rooted in the psyche of man. We may, therefore, consider man's character, or soul, to be abject, but person, says Mang Tsu, has an opposing natural element too which is the inherent purity of his mind. Though stifled and perforated by corroding i8nfluence, a scintilla of this still remains.
We may think man to be desolate and beyond hope but Mang Tsu compares this delusion to the mountain that was originally green and wild in its freshness and luxuriance. Along came the animals and chewed the green leaving blunted…

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