Questions and Answers on Military Partnerships

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Military Partnerships Find language regarding Military involvement in the NRF. Especially note the chain of command structure. Would the National Guard (if deemed necessary) be called out first? By whom? When would the Guard be called out give examples. When would a Military Branch (e.g., Army) be called out? Under the NRF, the National Guard would be called out in conjunction with other state and federal resources. The individuals who have the authorization to do so are the Governor and the President. An example of when the National Guard would be called is in the event of a natural disaster (i.e. a tornado). This is when the Governor or the President can send them into the area to: establish law / order, provide support and help with relief efforts. (Braulick, 2008, pp. 4 22) (Parsons, 2008) A second example of this can be seen with the National Guard being called up by the President to assist with military operations overseas. In the last few years, this was happening in both Iraq and Afghanistan with the National Guard utilized to supplement active duty forces during the surges. This is illustrating how there are different uses for the National Guard on: the state, national or international level. (Braulick, 2008, pp. 4 22) (Parsons, 2008) The active military would be called in to supplement the National Guard, state and local authorities. An example of this occurred in the aftermath of Hurricane Katarina when combat divisions were sent to New Orleans to provide
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