Questions and Answers on Nursing

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What does nursing mean to me? Nursing has become more of a humdrum word such s that the nurse is obligated to help the physician cure the patient. But when I think of nursing I prefer to think of Jean Watson's interpretation: Our aim is not so much to 'cure' as to prevent illness. Watson recognized the tendency of nurses to relapse into demotivation for their job and into trivializing it or seeing it as a mechanical set of duties. She, accordingly, recommends that we see nursing as an art rather than as an obligation to cure and that we turn back to the remembrance of our original desire for wishing to become a nurse. I also think of 'curing' as more in a holistic manner which incorporates a spiritual focus on all aspects of the patient and on realizing the significance and impact of the nurse-patient dynamic. The patient, according to Watson, has a tier of needs: Lower order needs (biophysical needs) (such as for food and fluid) Lower order needs (psychophysical needs) (such as sexual) Higher order needs (psychosocial needs) (such as for achievement) All of these needs need to be met for healing to take place (Nursing theories). This is the epitome of consummate nursing. According to Watson (2001), ideal caring can be practiced by following the ten qualities of the carative model. These are: Practicing a humanistic- altruistic system of values. Giving the patient faith-hope. Respecting and dignifying one's self and others. Developing a helping-trust
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