Questions and Answers on Organizational Behavior

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Week 3 Page 169 Think of a time when you observed negative behavior by one of your colleagues at work or a fellow student in a team project. Now use Figure 6 1 to diagnose the causes of this behavior. What could a manager or project team leader have done to correct this behavior? I once did a project involving a classmate who did not attend team meetings and turned in his contributions late. When asked about his neglect, he said that it is not a big deal because its only a class. I believe this classmate lacked motivation because of the lack of extrinsic rewards present in the situation. He probably reasoned that he was not going to be paid for his work, so he shouldn't bother. What this classmate lacked was intrinsic motivation to test one's knowledge and skill. Which of the three conceptually different types of job design is most likely to be used in the future? Explain your rationale. I believe that Job Enlargement is the job design strategy that meets the most pressing demands of the immediate future. Job enlargement entails the addition of a wider variety of tasks and responsibilities into an employee's job to keep them engaged and motivated. However, job enlargement also has a key incentive for supervisors. It allows supervisors to delegate a wider array of company responsibilities and needs to a single employee, reducing transaction costs associated with coordination and possibly streamlining the company's workforce. Have you ever observed someone exhibiting
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