Questions and Answers on Privacy Laws

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List and describe at least three (3) technologies that allow an individual to research citizens' private data The internet, cookies, and databases are three technologies which can potentially allow individuals to locate private information. Overtly, online web-based transactions require specific personal identifiers to be yielded by the purchaser. Through online social media, blogs, and web posts, private information intended for a selective audience can easily be researched by the mass market. Equally, and practiced in commercial settings, transacting on the Internet allows other data to be recorded on the private transaction that is less evident by the purchaser. For example, cookies, store data on behavior, such as which web pages are visited by the individual and how frequently they are visited. In addition cookies can also reveal online shopping behavior. These cookies are then analyzed by the company to determine potentially targeted advertising initiatives. Databases, by virtue of their size, presents additional complications in regards to private date. There is so much information stored in many databases worldwide that an individual has no practical means of knowing of or controlling all of the information about themselves that can potentially be accessed by others. Such information could potentially be sold to others for profit and/or be used for purposes not known to or sanctioned by the individual concerned. In addition, dishonest personnel can easily
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