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Q1. Intermezzo: "short, lyric piece or movement, often for piano, also a comic interlude performed between acts of an eighteenth century opera seria" of which Carmen is an example (Intermezzo, 2012, iMusic Dictionary) Aria: "lyric song for solo voice with orchestral accompaniment, generally expressing intense emotion; found in opera, cantata, and oratorio" such as "Je dis que rien" in Carmen (Aria, 2012, iMusic Dictionary). Trio: a composition written for three voices or instruments such as "Trio des Cartes" in Carmen Chorus: "fairly large group of singers who perform together, usually with several on each part also a choral movement of a large-scale work in jazz, a single statement of the melodic-harmonic pattern" as seen in the "Toreador" chorus of Carmen (Chorus, 2012, iMusic Dictionary). Overture: "an introductory movement, as in an opera or oratorio, often presenting melodies from arias to come also an orchestral work for concert performance" such as the blend of both romantic arias and the "Toreador" music of Carmen's overture (Overture, 2012, iMusic Dictionary). Prelude: "instrumental work intended to precede a larger work" such as Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun (Prelude, 2012, iMusic Dictionary). Libretto: quite literally, the written words to a work of opera (as opposed to the score) Mezzo-soprano: "female voice of middle range," lower than a soprano but higher than an alto such as the operating character of Carmen (Mezzo-soprano, 2012, iMusic Dictionary).

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