Questions and Answers on the Fast Food Industry and The Airline Industry

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Question One. Jollibee is considered to be one of the largest fast food chains in the Philippines. The company operates a network of 750 stores nationwide. As a leader in the Philippines the company has been able to expand internationally and currently is in pursuit of completing a plan that can make them a global brand. The company is such a royal success in the Asian Pacific coast that its expansion is sure to be a living success here in the US. Tony Tan is the founder of Jollibee, which started out as an Ice Cream Parlor back in 1975. The company thrives on a family-oriented type of approach; this is one that has made them a very admirable employer in many countries. The tasty menu options are also a huge factor in Jollibee’s continued success. The Values of the company are; customer focus, excellence, respect for the individual, teamwork, spirit of family and fun, humility to listen and learn, honesty and integrity, and frugality. The mission of the company is simply to serve great tasting food and to bring joy to eating to everyone. A long list of milestones within the company’s history is also mark the company with excellence. Jollibee expanded to California, USA in 1999, and has since been struggling to stay afloat. The famous pineapple topped burger seemed to be a sure hit over in its home of the Philippines. There are currently eight stores in California and the projections are 30% below the expected projection rates. Jollibee seems to have

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