Questions and Answers on the Sedar

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How does the Seder link the present to the past?

The Seder links the present to the past by telling the story of the Exodus, and remembering the struggle they had to go through before regaining the Holy Land. Freedom is the primary thing of the Seder. The Seder allow Jews to worship God through prayer, and learning by taking part in the lesson of Jewish history, and religion. “The Seder lets one symbolically relive the Exodus, where past and present merge” ( Bokser,2002, p. 147). Jews have created script in order to tell the story of the Seder by using the Haggadah. It contains questions, answers, stories, shows, tells, song, and symbol.

2. Explain the symbolic meaning of all the foods used in the Seder?

Every Seder has numerous ritual foods and other items. Each item has its purpose and often its specific place on the Seder plate. The roasted lamb called zeroah, which symbolizes the sacrifice made at the night when ancient Hebrews fled Egypt. The baytsah is a symbol of the sacrificial offerings which was performed in the days of the Second Temple. Maror is the bitter herbs, which bring tears to the eyes and recall the bitterness of slavery. Charoset represents the mortar used by the Hebrew slaves to make bricks. Karpas symbolize the freshness of spring. Salt water symbolizes the tears and sweat of enslavement. Often a single bowl of salt water sits on the table, which each person dips their karpas during the Seder. A plate that has a stack of three pieces of…

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