Questions on Abnormal Psychology

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According to the integrative model, which of the following factors influence the onset and maintenance of somatic symptom disorders? A.Biological, psychological, social and cultural factors. B.Psychological, cultural and perceptual factors. C.Medical, sociological, and psychological factors. D.Cultural, medical, and gender factors. Answer Key: A
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Concerning the cause of dissociative disorders, _______ dominate(s) this field of psychology. A.theory and speculation B.statistical analysis from experiments C.observation and patient interviews D.experimental research with controlled groups Answer Key: A
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Jill was the
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Although she has had a complete medical work-up, no basis for the extremity of her pain has been found. Despite this medical clearance, she does not feel well enough to return to college studies. Which of the following best describes Heather 's symptoms? A.Factitious disorder B.Somatic symptom disorder C.Dissociative disorder D.Depersonalization disorder Answer Key: B
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"Double depression" is a term used to refer to episodes of A.dysthymia that recur frequently. B.major depressive disorder in addition to dysthymia. C.dysthymia without major depressive disorder. D.suicidal thinking found in major depressive disorder. Answer Key: B
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Tracy is experiencing depression and is writing in a journal in order to contemplate the cause of her mood. What response style is Tracy using to cope? A.distracting style B.attributional style C.ruminative style D.external style Answer Key: C
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Based on John Bowlby 's model of attachment researchers have focused on how mother-infant attachment affects support in adulthood. B.vulnerability for bipolar disorder and cyclothymia. C.existential issues in the elderly.
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