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Executive Summary Ten years ago, Apple resurrected itself through smart enterprise resource planning. It saw that a successful product like the iPod could serve as a springboard to the company's other products, if the company could develop an integrated product line with an exceptionally high level of functionality. Rather than trying to do everything itself, Apple allowed other firms to develop software and accessories, allowing the market to dictate the types and forms of functionality that it wanted. The result of this, along with strong business intelligence, has been a decade-long run of success where the company has introduced hit after hit, including products like the iPad that many observers had questioned the merits of. Question 1. I agree that the external applications developed for Apple's mobile devices give the company a competitive advantage, albeit not to the extent projected in the case. The case is a little bit out of date with that assertion, given that Android now has a bigger market share than Apple. As of November 2011, Apple boasted over 500,000 applications for iOS; Android had 250,000 (McCracken, 2011). Android has more mobile app downloads, however and a larger market share. So while the number of applications for Apple mobile devices gives it competitive advantage over small operating systems, it is not really an advantage over Android, based on current information. Question 2. Using the iPad as an example, data is important because it

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