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Reflection paper Q1. Describe your business, its business strategy and the organisational culture you were intending to achieve. Life Resort & Spa is a sustainable spa positioned to appeal to the luxury travel consumer. It offers ecologically-focused tourism with an emphasis on wellness. Some of its spa treatments will be inspired by aboriginal techniques. The local aboriginal population will be involved in the cultural experiences offered by the spa. Along with experiencing conventional spa treatments, spa-goers will feel as if they are getting a unique experience connected to the local environment and are able to give back to the aboriginal community while relaxing in a retreat that is free of the pressures and stresses of modernity. Life Resort & Spa is thus adopting a niche marketing strategy. It is competing upon its ability to offer quality, rather than cost savings, given that spa-goers tend to be more affluent. It is also reflecting in its offerings an increased concern about the environment and the impact of tourism on local environs. Because it is a service-based organization, the spa wishes to create an organizational culture that is people-centered and inspires workers to do their best at all times to serve customers. To motivate employees it will treat them with respect, which is also keeping with the holistic and life-promoting philosophy of the spa. Its culture will embody its ethos of sustainability in the way it uses its human and physical resources.
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