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Clean Edge Razor: Splitting Hairs in Product Positioning Case 5 Questions How Paramount used the method of 'choosing market segments: A five-step process' these steps are: Step1: Select Market-Attractiveness and Competitive-Positioning Factors. Step 2: Weight Each Factor. Step 3: Rate Segments on Each Factor, Plot Results on Matrices. Step 4: Project Future Position for Each Segment. Step 5: Choose Segments to Target, Allocate Resources. The U.S. disposable razor market can be broken up into five major market segments. These segments include: Nondisposable razors Refill Cartridges Disposable Razors Shaving Cream Depilatories Further segmentation in the nondisposable razor can offer even better insights into the competitive landscape. There are basically three categories of razors in this segment which include super premium, moderate, and value. The moderate category captures the most revenue (44%) as well as the most volume of sales (43%). Even further segmentation reveals that some consumers are "maintenance shavers" who were completely disinterested in the product's marketing and features. Another type of shopper was identified as the "social/emotional" shaver who could be swayed by marketing and an "aesthetic" shaver who focused on the quality of the shave and the product's performance. Niche Niche Competitiveness Niche Size Niche Growth Total Premium 3 2 3 8 Moderate 5 5 4 14 Value 5 2 2 9 What changes are occurring in the

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