Questions on Contract Performance Data, Patents, and Copyrights

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Contract Performance Data, Patents, and Copyrights Discuss at least one (1) aspect of contract performance that is likely to cause difficulties in your current or future position. Describe a strategy for overcoming this difficulty. Material delivery problems can present challenges to successful contract performance, particularly if the customer experiences long delays, is required to halt production, and/or misses important deadlines (Working and Material Shortages, 2006). Repercussions for poor contract performance include requests for a per-day down time payment or legal action if there are penalty clauses within the contract for non-delivery or late delivery. In addition, problems of destroy the potential for referrals for new business and clients and limit prospects for a long-term relationship with the customer. In order to safeguard against these challenge, proper planning and a constraint analysis of project resources is required (Worker and Material Shortages, 2006). It is important to fully understand the contract language and all penalty clauses at the onset of the project. Contractors should have an intimate knowledge of and communication within their own supply chain. A materials shipment tracking software can help with planning and maintaining transparency with inventory. Further, it is critical to develop a contingency plan for supply shortages. This may include identifying alternate suppliers or suitable replacement materials in the event of an emergency. It
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