Questions on Employee Benefits

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EMPLOYEE BENEFITS WEBSITE 6 Q1.Describe the major features of this website and how each feature can be used to monitor employee benefits. The website provides links to various sources of information provided by federal agencies for employees and employers seeking clarification about the benefits they are owed and to which they owe others. The website answers FAQs, provides benefit 'cheat' sheets to educate employees about their rights, and offers online publications about health plans, retirement plans, and other benefits. Website surfers can request assistance from a benefits adviser online, to provide more objective information about their coverage than a member of the HR staff at their current employer. For example, the Health Benefits Advisor "is designed to help workers and their families better understand their federal right concerning access to health coverage, whether provided through a group health plan or otherwise, especially when they experience changes in their life and work situations--such as marriage, childbirth, job loss or retirement" (Health Benefits Advisor, 2012, e-laws). For employees who may not be comfortable with the written materials on the website, there are videos explaining benefits in what is hoped to be easily-understandable language. According to the website, the organizational mission statement of the Employee Benefits Security Administration "is to assure the security of the retirement, health and other workplace related benefits of
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