Questions on Information System Management

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Jpz777 04/25/2013 Order # A2092631 1.) Discuss the importance and explain the use of business process modeling notation (BPMN). All complex enterprises, from large corporations designed expressly for the pursuit of profit to service-oriented governmental entities, engage in a continual cycle of adjustment known as business process management (BPM), which is "a cyclical process for systematically creating, assessing, and altering business processes" (Kroenke & Hooper, 2011). The importance of BPM is evident throughout America's capitalistic, consumer-based economy, as companies of every size and scale constantly refine their processes by virtue of competition. Even the non-profit sector utilizes BPM to improve the efficiency of essential processes, with the objective being to better exploit limited resources while effectively pursuing organizational goals. The most important step in the four-component cycle of BPM requires the modeling of business processes, and while this may appear to be a straightforward procedure of defining the activities, resources, and data flows that a business uses to accomplish internal and external tasks. The widespread variation between industry standards, specific terminology applicable only within certain settings, and proprietary products and processes implemented by major companies have combined to make the modeling of business processes which is integral to BPM an overwhelmingly complex and convoluted exercise in futility. Rather than
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