Questions on Life Resort and Spa Case Study

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Life Resort & Spa Q1. Identify some of your key decisions. Discuss how these have created on environment which encourages and sustains behavior and performance which aligns with the strategy, culture, structure and style of your organization (vertical fit). (250 words) Life Resort & Spa is a 'green' spa with an ecological focus. It has been designed to capitalize upon the new concern for environmental consciousness within the hospitality industry. Customer satisfaction is a key aspect of the spa's orientation, given that it is operating in a service-based industry. Luxury is also a cornerstone of all spa consumers' concerns, particularly those that have the ability to go to a spa where sustainability rather than cost alone is the focus. To create a feeling of authenticity, indigenous people will be encouraged to become members of the team and facilitate tours and cultural events. They key values of Life Resort & Spa are its professionalism, commitment to customer service, commitment to sustainability and quality, and also its commitment to the people who work at the spa. Employees are better able to serve customers if they themselves feel happy with their experience. The overall business strategy at Life Resort & Spa is that of 'niche' marketing. Rather than operating by offering a cost value to customers (which is nearly impossible within the spa market, given that the product itself is, almost by definition, a luxury product and customers may perceive cheapness as
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