Questions on Memory and Brain Functions

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Michael Dawson Questions 1.What is the relationship between the hippocampus and amygdala and memory discussed in the text? According to John Medina (2008), the hippocampus is necessary to convert short-memory to long-term memory. The removal of which led to H.M.'s inability to perform this mental function. The hippocampus is also important in the retrieval of former long-term memories. The amygdala, on the other hand, is concerned primarily with memory consolidation and emotional reactions. Both are part of the brain's memory retrieval and storage system. 2.Discuss H.M's memory deficits in terms of recall, retrieval strategies, and consolidation into long-term memory. H.M was incapable of remembering anything that was newly learned. His brain has lost the ability to convert new memories into longer-term memories. Therefore, new information could not be retrieved and instead was forgotten. Also, he could not retrieve any of his past memories before a period of eleven years previously because, researchers learned, a memory requires eleven years before it can be consolidated from short-term information into longer-term memory. 3.Discuss whether H.M's inability to recall the words shown was a problem with short-term or long-term memory. Is it a problem of acquisition or consolidation? H.M.'s inability to recall words which were just spoken to him was a problem with his short-term memory. Since he could not remember what was just said to him, there was no possibility
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