Questions on Nursing Graduate Admission

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Graduate Admission Essay A.What makes you a good nurse? The most important features of a good nurse are knowledge, compassion and patience. These are the qualities that I have worked to cultivate in my career, first as an LPN and subsequently as an RN with an Associate Degree in Nursing. I have found that compassion, in particular, has been essential in my day-to-day work. While patients will present with an infinite diversity of cultural backgrounds, family circumstances, emotional needs and medical demands, the unifying feature of all patients is their need for a caring and dedicated team of professional caregivers. Even when the emotional rigors, mental taxation and physical exhaustion of the job take their toll, I find that the personal compassion that drives me to help my patients is an energizing force. Of course, this compassion is only valuable when it is underscored by the knowledge which is critical to my profession. As a healthcare provider, it is not only my duty to be well-versed in critical treatment areas such as the identification of symptoms, recording of vitals and familiarity with prescription terminology, but also to remain abreast of changes and developments within the field. The degree to which I have always attempted to strengthen my professional knowledge and, consequently, to apply this knowledge in my everyday work has been a significant part of my success. B.What are your long term educational goals? Among my long-term educational goals, most
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