Questions on Quality Metrics

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Pilot Project What quality metrics might you use to identify the problem? The quality management plan having been drafted at the juncture of the problem the quality metrics must be reconsidered. Quality metrics can be defined as the definition of the features that make up a process and define its quality. In the given case, each process of the manufacture has its own quality metric. For example, cutting, forming, machining, welding, and final assembly which form the entire production process resulting in the absolute quality of the end product-bicycle can be planned with complete metrics-measures of different quality and quantity that individual processes have to adhere to. (p. 242) For example, what would the cutting process be? How much would it involve in terms of labor, and what type of input, process and output would be generated? This measurement would be standard for the cutting process. In this case the machining activity seems to have defects. The quality metrics for machining can be defined by using more than one method. Firstly the process of machining and the requirements as set out in the earlier quality audits is studied. If no such study was done earlier, then a process analysis can be done. This will begin with defining quality as expected in the machining section for the output, and the difference between a quality output and the defective one. Lastly a study is conducted to find the reason for the difference in the quality. This will make it a process
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