Questions on Renergical Ltd's Project Management

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Jpz777 03/08/2013 Order # A2087894 As a longtime project manager for the U.K.-based renewable energy firm Renergical Ltd., I have focused exclusively on overseeing the installation of wind energy plants throughout Europe, with the recent completion of a 25 million project in Denmark standing as one of my proudest achievements in the field. With my recent assignment to lead a team of 150 engineers, technicians, and construction workers during work on a large solar plant in the United States, it is reasonable to expect that cultural differences may present an array of risk factors which must be anticipated and mitigated. As a crucial component of the project planning process, which will admittedly be compressed due to the overriding project start deadline of three weeks, the director of Renergical's project management department has scheduled a meeting of key stakeholders within my newly constituted project team. This introductory phase of the project planning process is indispensable to the solar plant installation occurring on schedule and under budget, as project management experts have observed that because "team meeting processes are usually established early and are essential for well-focused, productive work … the team meeting is where the behaviors and personality of the team are developed and reinforced" (Wong, 2007). To adequately prepare myself for this team meeting, which represents a critical launching point to determine the eventual progress of Renergical's

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