Questions on Security Professional Environment

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Part 1 Why is it important for a security professional to know specifics about the particular target environment to which they are assigned? In any particular job or assignment, particularly those surrounding security or work that might cause personal harm, knowing the situation will both increase the expectations of events that could occur and provide the security specialist with a chance to become more of an expert on the area and subject. Knowing a layout of a building, for instance, would allow one to know points of entry and exit, light switches, cameras, stairwells, hiding places, etc. This would also allow one to anticipate events and be more prepared for eventualities. In addition, the environment may change and require special clothing (cold or wet weather), special equipment, or even the chance to preview the area before being assigned. Being a security professional requires that one be able to assess situations instantly while still providing the client with peace of mind and a sense of working with a professional who knows what to do during a stressful situation. Being as familiar as possible with the environment may also help save lives, provide alternatives in the event of a situation, and even allow for a greater sense of personal security when on the job. All in all, the more information one has about a particular environment and area, the better one can be prepared for any eventuality. Part 2 - How can experienced security professionals prepare
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