Questions on Self-Reflection

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Project Self-Reflection What personality type did you chose and what elements in your project specifically relate to that personality type and why? How did you market to the strength of your chosen psychographic? For this project, I chose a personality that would prefer to stand out from the crowd. Both the product used and the print advertisement were intended to be focused on a target market who psychographic who had outgoing personalities and did not mind attracting attention to themselves. This psychographic would be populated with fun loving females who have an active lifestyle and are free spirited. They would be extraverted in regards to their personality. An introverted female as a consumer would most likely not be as concerned with fashionable products as someone who dresses fashionably because they would be less likely to want to draw attention to themselves. Although there a lot of myths surrounding introverts, the generally are not trendy or fashionable as extroverts and tend to be more shy in nature, at least in regards to their appearance (Secretly Fashionista). The archetypal extrovert prefers action to contemplation, risk-taking to heed-taking, certainty to doubt (Cain). This group is perceived as one that would get excited about getting their nails done as well as spending money on beauty products in general. The intended social class is the lower-upper class that constitutes a small percentage of the population however this group has the disposable income
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