Questions on Strategic Planning Implementation

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TABLE OF CONTENT Introduction--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 (Brief introduction to what the organization is (or part of organization) and which sector it operates in.) Task 1: Management strategy ---------------------------------------------------------------------1 What considerations should be made to ensure stakeholder participation in developing management strategy? What are the key criteria that should be considered when reviewing management strategy options? Describe a case where a potential strategy might be developed to gain competitive advantage for an organization. Suggest an appropriate strategy and discuss its likely resource requirements. Task 2: Vision, mission, objectives and measures -----------------------------------------------5 For an organization of your choice, list the organization's ethical, cultural, environmental, social and business objectives. How are these influenced by the current business and economic climate? Describe the roles of an organization's vision and its mission statement. Provide two examples of each from known organizations. Select one of the objectives listed in your first answer to this task. Evaluate the process of monitoring the achievement of this strategic objective. Task 3 Implementation of the strategy-------------------------------------------------------------8 Describe some practical approaches to the planning and monitoring of
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