Questions on Terrorist Activities

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Why is there heavier activity in certain areas of the world? Chemical, nuclear, and biological warfare are now becoming more profound as technology develops. As technology becomes more ubiquitous across nations, the likelihood of attack becomes more eminent. This is particularly true of Iran who has been explicit in their desire to destroy the civilized world. As this nation becomes better equipped to attack the United States, the need for intervention becomes more profound. Terrorism, as indicated by there attack targets, is predicated on fear. The concept of fear is what drives the profound of often impactful nature of terrorism. In certain areas of the world, particularly those with high regard for freedom make ideal terrorist targets. The terrorists, through their actions intend to create a pervasive culture of fear within their target areas. Concepts of freedom, democracy, and prosperity are often polar opposites of terrorists. They instead, often intend to enslave, restrict freedom, or impose their own beliefs on others through fear. Areas of the world that are against these concepts are often targets for terrorist activity. America, Europe, and Middle Eastern countries seeking freedom or challenging the status quo are therefore likely targets. Figure 1 in the appendix presents are very short list of prominent terrorist attacks in recent history. A quick glance at the list reveals that a vast majority of the target areas are in the countries I mentioned above:
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