Quick Takes vs. Non-Linear: Elements Of A Contract

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Contract creation and Management This is a case of a law suit filed against Quick Takes video by Non-linear pro claiming that it is owed money for editing equipment that was leased to the company. This is a case where there was poor contract creation and management. One of the executives claims that there was no contract between the two companies since as far as he is concerned there was no contract that was signed. However, this was not the case since there was actual signing of a contract by Jane an employee in Quick Takes video. Jane claimed that she was signing a delivery slip, but this was no the case as she was just trying to defend herself. The executive still claims that this contract is not valid since neither of the partners did not sign the lease then it is not in any way legal. He claims that the person who signed the lease was not an agent of the company, and had no authority to sign the lease. Therefore, he claims that the company can not be held responsible in any way since the lease was not legal according to him. However during the process of contract creation there is express agency. This is direct authority that an agent has. In cases where an agent relationship has to be determined, there are two parties involved; the principal and agent. The agent acts on behalf of the principal an agent therefore has a legal power to bind the principal. A principal should be very careful when it comes to the type of authority they give to an agent ( The 'Lectric Law

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