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Adel Torres
Professor: De Palo
December 8, 2012
Quiet Hero’s
Crisis Intervention & Trauma Treatment
3:30pm - 5:20pm

Quiet Hero: Secrets from my Father’s Past, written by Rita Cosby, is a story of war, a story of courage, and a story of a daughter finally getting to know her father. In this book, Rita speaks about her father’s childhood as well as her own; the difficulties she faced growing up with a strict father whom she felt she barely knew. Rita grew up in Greenwich Connecticut, with her Danish mother and her Polish father; a father she had a distant and unemotional relationship with. Growing up Rita knew very little about her father. She only knew that he had left Poland after WWII. When Rita was about eight
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This book touched me profoundly. I grew up without my father and met him when I was 20 years old. Meeting him was very challenging for me because I was consumed with so much anger and I blamed him for not being there for me. In reading this book I am able to realize that we do not always get to choose the path we walk down and sometimes life’s circumstances shape the people we become, for better or worse. This book has made me want to give my own father a chance to explain to me what his life has been like, so that I might have a better understanding of who he is. As I continue my journey through school, I am better able to assess individuals and situations and have a level of empathy without being judgmental. As children we often feel like we know who our parents are but there are so many unanswered questions and hidden lives that it makes it difficult for children to relate to their parents. Each of our paths has impacted us in both negative or positive ways and being able to understand that this affects the decisions that we make can make unpleasant situations a bit easier to digest. Seeing how Rita felt closer to her father as an adult once she got to know him, makes me feel like there is still hope for my father and I. If Rita’s father would have received help for the trauma he had gone through I believe he could have been a better father to Rita while she was growing up. Untreated trauma can affect a family on so many
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