Quiet Time Essay

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Strengths and Weaknesses Purpose/Problem The purpose and the problem are identified in the first paragraphs of the Scott et al, 2010. The main topic is the safety concerns of nurses working extended shifts and the association with high risk errors due to fatigue. “The objective of this study was to evaluate the feasibility of a FCMPN for improving sleep duration and quality while reducing daytime sleepiness and patient care errors. Selected sleep variables, errors and drowsy driving, were evaluated among hospital staff nurses (n = 47) before and after FCMPN implementation” (Scott, et al., 2010, p. 250). The adoption of a standardized fatigue intervention program as utilized in other industries has been successful and its use in being…show more content…
The objective of the study to evaluate the feasibility of a FCMPN for improving sleep duration and quality is clear and guides the reader to the purpose of the study (Scott et al., 2010, p. 251). The feasibility of the interventions is evaluated to reach the objective which is the demonstration that fatigue countermeasures can be implemented in the nursing field to reduce fatigue related errors. On the other hand, the objective is not linked with specific questions. In this design, the effect is taken to be the difference between the pretest and posttest scores. As this study is demarcated as one-group pretest –posttest design, the hypothesis is not clearly defined. “The events then serve as alternative hypothesis to the proposal” (Burns & Grove, 2009). It is clear what the researchers intend to study and what they expect to find (Burns & Grove, 2009). The research hypothesis could have been enhanced to the objective with specific questions. Definition of Variables The operational definition is the variable that is manipulated to reach the meaning of the study (Burns & Grove, 2009). The variable is linked to the concept in the framework. In this design, the operational variable is the FCMPN and a repeated-measures approach
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