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Memo Re: “QuikTrip” – Business Summary 2009 represents several years in a row that QuikTrip, the 24‐hour convenience store operating stores in the Midwest, Southeast, and Southwest, has been named in Fortune magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For”. Employees are treated so well in wages, benefits, and training that long‐term retention of 20 years or more is the norm. With recent year revenues in excess of $8 billion, and workforce of over 10,000 with 65% full‐time employees, 37% female, 30% minorities, this U.S company’s annual growth rate of 33% places it in the top 5 in the country and in the top 4 for never having had a lay‐off. 1 QuikTrip is a closely held company with employees owning almost half of the company…show more content…
Because of our different personalities and experiences, we handle employees differently, and I would not try to teach one set method. I would just say that we cannot tolerate obnoxious, oppressive, abusive, tyrannical despots (assholes). Please be sure that you always treat your employees the way you want to be treated…QuikTrip employees expect and deserve intelligent, positive, considerate, factual supervision… I am more tolerant of poor operations than I am of poor treatment of employees.” Memo from Chester Cadieux, President and Chairman 8 Retail Leader of the Year Chester Cadieux and QuikTrip”, ibid.; see footnote #5 9 Lecture “ Generations in the Workforce” Chris Rumsey, Summer 2009, Coles College of Business 10 “QuikTrip Corporation and its Employee VolunteerProgram” ww.allbusiness.com/society-social/philanthropy-volunteers/6715881-1.html 1 Page

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