Quinceanera Essay

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It is finally the day for my Quinceanera and my dream is finally coming true! I am at Wrigley Field! There is no where else I would rather spend this time with my friends and family than at the place of my dreams. Wrigley Field is home to the Chicago Cubs and i have nothing less of an obsession! As i walk around the stadium, the decorations blow my mind. There are balloons everywhere. Happy 15th Birthday Lauren is written in the Ivy Wall with lights. The scoreboard has everyone in my court's name and shows their picture as they walk out of the dugout, around the bases, and then line up going down the baseline. They would each be escorted by a date. My court includes Caroline McDaniel, Kaitlin Gibson, Carleigh Cameron, Riley Harcrow, Dylan Fondren, and Sydney Kilpatrick. Then it is time for my grand entrance. My dress would be white with a blinged out red and blue 23 on the back. I would of course be wearing a…show more content…
But my favorite song of the night is the song I dance with my grandmother, my best friend. It would be a song to commemorate the relationships between two best friends. This memory will forever hold a special place in my heart. After many hours of dancing, the food finally arrives. We would be eating frog legs, chicken salad, and chocolate chip cookies. It is a weird combination, but they are my favorite foods. Just when I think the day could not get much better, coming out of the dugout is the entire team of the Chicago Cubs! It is a dream come true. They spend the rest of the party treating me like a princess. The changing of the shoe is next. I change from my high heel shoes to my cleats. The natural born athlete growing up in her element. A perfect day becomes even better! To end this perfect day, I get to get a personal tour of Wrigley Field and the locker room by my favorite Cubs players! As I lay my head on my pillow, I can’t help but live this perfect day over and over
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