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Quinceanera It is customary for all Latin American cultures to celebrate a coming of age party for their daughters called a quinceanera. Parents commemorate their beloved daughter’s transition from being a little girl to becoming a fifteen year old young lady by inviting family and friends to join in this huge event. A modern day young lady is celebrated with a ceremony, grand party with extravagant decorations, exquisite food, memorable toasts form the godparents, and usually wrapped up with a funky dance. Every little girl awaits the day when she will be treated and given the attention of a princess for a day. It was my pleasure to attend my cousin Daira’s quinceanera, and witness my first quinceanera in Mexico. It was a Saturday…show more content…
As I looked up I noticed a yellow-gold iron gate that wrapped around the second floor where additional seating was available. The stage was very small however, with only enough room for one white and turquois flower arrangement on each side of the pulpit (the only decoration pertaining to the party), the pastor, and a projection screen that was placed behind the pastor, which was used to display the words to the songs. The musicians were on the left side in between the stage and the pews, all the men were different ages. A middle aged man who seemed to be the leader was the keyboardist and singer, the base player was a young teenage boy who sat on the first bench facing the keyboardist, the guitarist was an older man who sat in his wheelchair also facing the keyboardist, and the drummer, another middle aged man, who had his own little tower upstairs where he faced the challenge of keeping up with the tempo without being able to see the leader. Because there were only a few guests present the ceremony was taking longer to commence than the guests were expecting. There were different groups of people having conversations laughing silently at each other’s jokes, some were sitting on the pews and others were standing up, but all were scattered. The band was still doing some warm up rounds, you could see their concentration as they each fiddled with their instruments. The
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