Quinte Mri Case Essay

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QUINTE MRI CASE 1. Who are the customers of the MRI? Quinte MRI serves three distinct client groups: - Hospitals seeking to outsource their diagnostic imaging services: they demand service reliability, access to the diagnostic equipment 24 hours per day, seven days per week and reasonable cost - Physicians wanting to be partners in an independent diagnostic imaging center: they expect cash flow, accessibility to the equipment and a strong relationship with their diagnostic imagining partner - Individuals wanting to operate their own diagnostic imaging center, using Qunite MRI as a consultant to develop and carry out the necessary steps to establish the clinic: they want freedom from the hassles establishing the business and are…show more content…
8. The original transcript report and the MRI films are attached to the patient’s files and sent to the basement for filing and storage. 9. The copy of the transcription report is sent to the referring physician. VALUE-ADDED Typically non-value added activities account for 95% of the lead time and only 5% of the activities are actually adding value to the process. This can be easily seen on the above listed process flows for patients, technologists and the transcription report. 3. What is your analysis of the cause of the current backlog? The current backlog is caused by the increasing demand for MRI scans in Adelaide County, the inconsistent capacity of the MRI machine, the sole MR technologist and the inefficient scheduling process. Obviously there is a much higher demand of scans that the limited capacity of the MRI machine and the only one MR technologist can complete. The rated capacity of the MRI machine was two patients per hour but the actual number of scans in any period of time depended on the types of exams being performed. A typical exam takes from 30-45 minutes although some exams could be completed in 10 minutes. 25% of the scans usually require a contrast (more detailed image) which is projected to take 15 extra minutes on average. However, the biggest cause of the current backlog is still the inefficient scheduling: only 8 slots per day, each slot for a full hour when the average exam takes

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