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Quinte MRI Executive Summary Brenton-Cooper Medical Centre (BCMC) has outsourced its MRI operations to Quinte MRI, a seasoned and highly recognized MRI service provider. Unfortunately, after six weeks of operations Quinte MRI’s leased MRI machine is not meeting its expected outputs as projected and is causing concern to both Quinte MRI and BCMC which has begun to lose revenue via referrals away from its clinic. Further, BCMC’s reputation is now at risk which could result in additional loses to the centre. The root cause of the problem appears to lie with the scheduling of the scanning operations. Dr. Syed Haider, the owner of Quinte MRI, has tasked his business development coordinators with finding a solution to this problem and…show more content…
Each scan may have different times associated with it depending on the type to be performed, limiting the capacity of the overall process. Each step in the scanning process is dependent upon the previous one therefore improvements need to start at the beginning. The objective here is to improve the process flow up to the point that the actual scan will take place. I also believe that patients are not being properly screened prior to arrival which is causing Quinte MRI losses in revenue and time. If a patient turns up and has to be turned away, or rescheduled for misdiagnosis there is a resulting disruption in the flow of patients which will impact the schedule and process and ultimately the pocket and reputation of the company. Further, it appears that the technologist is engaged in performing pre-screening services and this is a highly paid employee who should not be pre-screening patients. This tasked could best be left to a lower paid trained staff. From an operational perspective it appears that the initial implementation process of the new machine had a learning curve. This resulted in longer lead times for processing patients during the first few weeks until Jeff had found a rhythm. It appears that Jeff was either not properly trained or did not have sufficient experience in the use of that model machine. Communication, and barriers to, seems to be a fundamental problem in the whole scanning process.

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