Quit Dancing Research Paper

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Have you ever made a decision that you thought you would be happy with but end up miserable and regret that decision. I made the decision to quit dancing when I was ten years old and I had thought after I quit dancing I would finally be happy, but no that is not the case. I was always so unhappy dancing and I was never sure why I was doing it until I quit. Like I said before I was ten years old when I decided to quit dance. I quit dance because I always thought I was unhappy when really, dance was my passion. I told my parent the reason I quit was so I could focus more on school, involve myself in more extracurricular school day and have to walk into a cold and sweaty dance studio. Although I did not do better academically, I have…show more content…
I lost so many friends when I quit dance and they all lost respect for me. Before I quit, I had been dancing since I was three and I was really good at it too! When I was ten I was asked to be on the competition team and was asked to be pulled up but none of my friends were. They all lost respect for me because they knew I was a great dancer and I turned down the opportunity to participate with more advanced kids. I knew my friends would kill for the opportunity that I had but to me it was just a huge that I wasn't willing to go through with. Whenever I stepped foot on the dance floor I felt as though I could do anything and that was the best feeling on earth. Throughout the years I quit dance I have lost that feeling of confidence that made you feel good inside and now I am constantly worried about if I am doing something or not. I also lost that feeling of accomplishment after working my butt off and doing a great job. I a huge part of my work ethic, when I decided to quit and now I am lazy. If I didn't quit dance I probably wouldn't try to take the easy way out of everything like I do rather than put my all into what I am doing. I have lost a lot in this decision and I can't say I have gained a
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