Quit Job Narrative

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I was looking out upon the dwindling light of dusk. It was fading slowly into immense peaks stretching high from the crisp green grass wet with dew from the prior rain. My paint brush was wet thickly with a spectrum of colors. I then saw a canvas half-finished with yellowish-red rays of dense paint resembling a enticing marvel of light engraved into the sky. Abruptly my false sense of peace was extinguished. I was awoken with a raucous barking resounding in my ears. “Carl, wake up, we have customers here!” Then I jolted upright with shock in my eyes. “How many times have I told you to not sleep on the job? You're so worthless to this business, you need to actually start being useful for once…show more content…
With this money I could paint, I could get a degree. I could go on holiday. I could retire, and most importantly of all I could actually quit my job. My body shoved through the crowd of passive-aggressive customers conformed into an ever-so orderly line. I wouldn’t think twice about confronting my boss’s face and stating as a fact I would be quitting my pathetic career here and starting a new one as soon as possible. To my luck or misfortune I got my wish word for word, the second after a turned around. My steaming boss was turning purple with outrage about to combust, thoroughly rankled. I jumped up straight off my feet and scrambled on the stone cold floor to get back up and to restore some of my fractured dignity but not determination. My boss was beyond furious, but put forth a pathetic endeavour to not alarm customers. “Carl, what the hell are you doing?! Get back to your station now!” A clearly vexed Bill shouted with enough momentum and sheer force to blow my eardrums straight out. “About that…”I said nervously ”No... and I quit,” affirmed my voice, now calm and steady, with a hint of
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