Quit Wasting Valuable Time and Resources Essays

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Quit Wasting Valuable Time and Resources

It is vital that present and future generations of school children in American public schools continue to be taught and understand Charles Darwin’s theories about evolution. Battles have been waged by Americans both in and out of the courtroom for generations so that educators may have the privilege to choose appropriate scientific curriculum for our students. If America is to continue to be a leader of scientific research, young minds must be educated, not stifled by attempts to bring religion into the schools. The very idea of using valuable time in our schools to muddy the educational process with ideas such as Creationism or Intelligent Design infringes upon American civil rights. To
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In 1682 an early English scientist, John Ray, stated that all forms of life were linked together in a kind of chain. In the 1700’s two Frenchmen discovered 1) that there were tiny differences between generations of creatures and those differences produced new kinds of creatures and 2) changes in the environment caused animals to adapt until after many generations, new forms of animals appear. All these ideas were largely just speculation until Darwin traveled “over 40,000 miles making observations all over the world and spent long years of study and experimentation. His close observations and vast discoveries about nature’s wonders such as marine fossils in the Andes at 12,000 feet, geese with webbed feet that never went near water, or even birds whose beaks varied according to what they eat changed the world. He allowed the land and creatures to speak to him and he listened.” (Darwin, vii) In 1858, twenty-two years after he stepped off the ship, the Beagle, he unleashed the “storm” of the century and presented his theories on evolution. Debates began to rage, continuing to this day. Even as the arguments continue, new evidence accumulates to back up Darwin’s theories. “Modern research has put together some of Darwin’s puzzles and answered questions he could not even have formulated…By studying
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