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Quivering, I slowly stood up realising what must have happened. There was blood and lifeless bodies covering the beach like a big, red blanket I once owned. I struggled but managed to walk away from the result of a horrific plane crash. I knew I should search for my parents but what lay ahead was too much to bare. I staggered into the rainforest in front of me knowing what I had to do, I had to survive. I walked for what felt like eternity. I finally decided to stop when the sun began to drain away into the horizon. An illuminating light swallowed the bright, orange, pink and purple colours and replaced it with shadows. To my left was a dry cave it seemed safe enough to survive the night so I stumbled into the unexplored darkness to try and…show more content…
There it was, fresh water, glimmering in the early morning sunlight, reflecting the emerald ferns blooming above my head. As I cupped the water in my hands the fresh sea air wafted through the island. I guzzled down the cold water as my body relaxed and I felt hope for the first time since the crash. Thoughts rushed through my head about how I was going to survive and whether I will ever see my parents again. It began too much for me to handle it felt as though my skull was caving in, I allowed myself to lie down. My thoughts evaporated as I focused on the nature around me, the water trickling down the mossy rocks making their way down to the river below, the birds chirping and the trees blowing through the wind. I was truly at peace as I began to close my eyes and feel my soul rise to the world above. When I heard my name echo through the forest. “Hope! Hope are you out there!” the yells became louder and clearer but my mind faded away quicker and quicker until it was too late my body and soul were no longer connected. I watched from above as my parents found my body and held me in their arms, their tears began to fall as I drifted further
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