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1. Is aggression an innate and deterministic quality from birth, or is it something that one that all can control, as a matter of free will and choice, to be used when we need it in a calculated manner? At birth all people are born with aggression as a survival trait. As we educate ourselves as we have seen in the video “The Truth About Violence” even in an educated culture such as the United States we still have violence. Violent people and we are drawn to violent sports such as cage fighting and football. Even the most mild manner people who don’t like violence in movies, sports or anywhere else can find enjoyment from participating in violence. When a person results to violence I don’t believe they can control the amount of aggression…show more content…
3. Which Classical School theorist do you think contributed the most to the advancement of criminological theory? Explain why you choose that particular theorist over the other Classical School theorist of the time? I believe that Beccaria contributited the most to the classical school of thinking. As we can see today some of his theories still hold true. People should be treated equally and punished based on the crime and not the person. Now we still see Hollywood actors and actresses get away with more than a normal person would but I think as a whole Americans are ok with this. Professional athletes get DUI’s and drug charges all the time but in the military one DUI or drug charge and your being kicked out. You lose your job for one mistake when we allow professional athletes and entertainers that we see in the media frequently get away with the stuff. This I don’t agree with and we need to be better on it. No one is above the law and we need to improve on this. Also Beccaria is the theorist that had the idea that every criminal should be treated as innocent until proven guilty. We still have this in our criminal justice system. In my opinion though depending on who you are and the crime such as in the military you are guilty until proven innocent. To me this is an injustice to determine someone’s guilt based on color or sex or even religion. I agree with his thought process of the

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