Quiz 1

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Quiz 1 F10 - cinematic language, form, and genre
Question 1 of 18 Score: 5 (of possible 5 points)
Three fundamental principles of film form are: (choose three)

Movies manipulate space and time in unique ways

Movies depend on light.

Movies provide an illusion of movement.

Movies present things as they really are. Answer Key: A,B,C Feedback
The incorrect answer is D. A, B, C are correct.
Question 2 of 18 Score: 5 (of possible 5 points)
The first truly experimental film movement born in _______ in the ________.

A. the United States; 1940 's

Russia; 1950 's

Japan; 1960 's

France; 1920 's Answer Key: D Review Check to review before finishing (will
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Answer Key: C Feedback
Great! Glad you watched the clip.
Question 11 of 18 Score: 0 (of possible 5 points)
A filmmaker who was concerned with creating a realistic world in his/her films would probably shoot in the following setting

A. location B. studio C. sound stage

D. against a green screen

E. none of the above. Answer Key: A Review Check to review before finishing (will be flagged in Table of Contents) Feedback
The correct answer is "A", location.
Question 12 of 18 Score: 5 (of possible 5 points)
A revisionist genre film

A. usually has an episodic plot

B. often has a flashbacks

C. has characters that are stereotypes

D. modifies conventions and formulas in relation to changing values and cultural contexts of the time in which it is made

E. usually has a happy ending Answer Key: D Feedback
The correct answer is "D" , presents a challenge to convention.
Question 13 of 18 Score: 5 (of possible 5 points)
What is the difference between form and content in a work of art?

A. nothing, form and content are the same

B. form refers to the subject of a work, content is the individual elements that express the subject.

C. content is the subject of an artwork, form is the means by which the subject is expressed.

D. form refers to a realistic treatment of subject, content is an abstract treatment of subject. Answer Key: C
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