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Week 1 Quiz Practice Items

1) The problem or opportunity that requires a business decision on the part of the decision maker is called a:
a) measurement approach
b) challenge
c) research problem
d) management dilemma

2) The acronym "RFP" refers to the document used to invite research firms to propose ideas for addressing the research needs of the organization. What does it is stand for?

a) research firm proposal
b) request for proposal
c) recently formed protocols
d) recognition of problem

3) What type of research do trade associations generally conduct?
a) Ad hoc research
b) Applied research
c) Practical research
d) Basic research

4) Which term refers to procedures for generating replicable research that are systematic and
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a) Each alternative must be explicitly stated
b) A decision variable is defined by an outcome that may be measured
c) A decision rule is determined by which outcomes may be compared
d) The selection of alternatives is determined by the decision variable

21) What does "Ex Post Facto Evaluation" of the research mean?
a) Evaluation prior to execution
b) Evaluation based on the facts
c) Evaluation after the research concludes
d) Evaluation each day throughout the project

22) Apple plans to survey every customer who has purchased an Apple computer in the last 5 years. What type of smapling does Apple plans to use?
a) random sample
b) census
c) snowball sample
d) convenience sample

23) 16. McGraw-Hill is planning a study of educator preferences to determine the needs of college instructors. What is the portion of the target population that McGraw-Hill will select to participate in the study called?
a) sampling frame
b) sample
c) census
d) extent

24) 37. Which of the following questions is considered when discussing the management dilemma?
a) How can management eliminate negative symptoms?
b) What should be asked or observed to obtain the information the manager needs?
c) What information is needed to choose the best course of action?
d) What is the recommended course of action?

25) Data have many characteristics. If data are changing due to passage of time, you are describing their level of

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