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Quiz 2 Study Guide Towns: pp. 485–552 Be able to define and distinguish between the external and internal law. ➢ External law: is expressed in precepts, prohibitions of dictates ➢ Internal law: man is born with an innate knowledge of God Understand the theological concept of a “covenant of works” as applied to Adam. What conclusion does the textbook reach regarding the legitimacy of a “covenant of works?” ➢ God and Adam entered into a covenant in which if Adam did not sin, he would be removed from probationary period and reciveve a confirmed state of immortality. ➢ The notion of a valid conenant is rejected What opinion does the textbook purpose regarding the nature of the Tree of Life’s existence? ➢ It was instrument…show more content…
The sinner is inwardly immoral and wicked, therefore subject to guilt and condemnation. ➢ Nature of Sin revealed in NT: focuses not only on the outward acts of sin, but emphasizes the inner disposition and state of the soul. Understand the various incorrect views regarding the nature or definition of sin as provided in the textbook and the lectures. • Dualistic Theory: a scheme that allows for the continuous existence of good and evil • Sin as connected with the limitations of man’s being: is necessary cause that stems from our finite being • Leibniz’s Theory of Privation: man was placed in the best possible world, afforded they best possible physical conditions, yet sinned because of a simple negation of being, an offense for which no effient cause was needed, it just happened. • Sensuous Theory: assigns the origin and nature of sin to sensuous nature of man. When the soul is placed in connection to the physical organism • Sin as Pride: theologians trace sin’s origin to pride • Sin as Natural Life: in merely natural life, “life that is not, yet ethical” • Sin as Selfishness: represents an undue performance for one’s happiness, as opposed to the happiness or welfare of our fellowman Understand the distinction between actual and conditional sin. ➢ Actual sin: an actual act of man who is conscientiously chooses to

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